CNC milling

CNC milling means computer numerical control of machine tools.

This concept refers to machining, in which the route of the milling is first determined, and then the device is moved along it. While the milling method has been widely known, CNC milling is an innovative solution that provides even more efficient material processing than ever before.

How does CNC milling work?

CNC milling is a process that takes several stages. First one is a design created on the computer. The computer then processes it so that the path which the milling spindle moves along is defined. Next step is the CNC machining, which concerns such details as grooves or channels, where precision and accuracy matter. It can be done even in designs where extremely sophisticated shapes appear. 

The advantages of CNC milling

Because of dealing with digital processing, production time is short. During CNC millingprocess, we deal with a row resolution of 0.02 mm. Trying to do it manually, without using a computer, can be extremely complicated. Meanwhile, with computer control, it is possible to reflect every smallest element of the design. The great advantage of this method is the high repeatability of the element. Due to this, it is easy to produce both individual products and their large supplies. The important thing is that despite such amazing accuracy, there is no need to worry about high costs.

The use of CNC milling

Although CNC milling is most often used in industrial production, where the repeatability of many components is important, it is also in demand in many other industries like medicine, motorization or electronics. During the performance of services, the machines such as the OKUMA M560V are used in our company. Due to this, we are sure that finally our customers receive a high-quality product that meets all the requirements.

CNC 4-axis milling machine – OKUMA M560V


  • Shift in the X axis: 1041.4 mm
  • Shift in the Y-axis: 558.8 mm
  • Travel in the Z axis: 457.2 mm
  • Rotary table (4 axes)
  • Table length: 1219.2 mm
  • Table width: 508.0 mm

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