CNC turning

CNC turning is one of the activities in which the numerical control system is used. Automatization and progress refer to many devices, and the work of the most modern lathes was not omitted as well. To provide high-level turning services, our offer includes CNC turning using excellent equipment.

What is CNC lathe characterized by?

Until recently, hand lathes were on the leading positions, now the numerous advantages of CNC lathes are increasingly appreciated. Although the principle of operation is similar to work of traditional devices, CNC turning brings much more benefits than manual solutions, as CNC lathes are much more improved.

The most important elements the CNC lathe consists of are the spindle, the bar feeder and two tool revolvers. During machining, the workpiece is rotated on the CNC lathe holder and then machined. During the implementation of this CNC service the most modern equipment on the market is used, such as GILDEMEISTER MF SPRINT 65Y, Citizen L32. This identifies a product for its perfect finishing in every aspect.

Why CNC turning?

All CNC services are characterized by much greater precision and efficiency than traditional methods. It is also true in case of CNC turning. We realize the orders promptly, even when those with large number of items. While performing manual turning, there is a high risk of errors or inaccuracies. In CNC technology it is completely eliminated. CNC turning can be successfully performed on many materials such as stainless steel, carbon and black, as well as on bronze, brass, aluminum and plastics. Along with the basic task of a CNC lathe, it is used for other solutions. In addition to turning with a turning tool, reaming, drilling and stamping are also performed.



  • Work area – handle: Ø 200 mm
  • Spindle diameter: Ø 40 mm
  • Maximum turning diameter over the slide: Ø 210 mm
  • Maximum turning diameter over the bed: Ø 400 mm
  • Maximum turning length: 800 mm

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