Laser cutting of pipes and profiles

Laser cutting is becoming more and more common, and our offer meets the need of pipes and profiles processing. We use the most modern machines, due to which laser cutting can be applied to various types of materials. The most common are structural steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, brass and copper. Our technological facilities allow the realization of large-scale orders in a short time.

What is laser cutting of pipes and profiles performed with?

Laser cutting gives a perfectly finished product, with smooth edges, if a technologically advanced device is used during processing. This is what the FIBER Bodor-T6 2.5kW laser is designed for. All cuts made with it are characterized by perfect precision. It makes not only the cutting possible, but also trimming of metal elements and punching. Profiles and pipes are prepared in such a way that their following assembly is quick and easy. All elements match perfectly. Excellent equipment is maintained by specialists which means the highest quality of services and products.

Cutting laser means high quality and time saving

Although traditional solutions are still used, they are successively replaced by laser cutting of pipes and profiles. The advantages of the new technology can be seen both while cutting and later, while assembling pipes and profiles. Laser cutting allows to get 100% repeatability of shapes. Cutting is performed in much shorter time than in conventional methods. The cuts are precise, without the necessity of further processing. Pipes and profiles are polished, so you can use them immediately. If we look at the lack of necessity of works needed for traditional cutting, metal laser cutting saves not only the time, but also the money and the materials used.

Laser cutting of pipes and profiles – BODOR T6


  • Maximum working area: l=6000mm x fi200 mm
  • Constructional steel: up to t = 20 mm
  • Stainless steel: up to t =12 mm
  • Aluminium: up to 8 mm

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