Robotic and manual welding

Comprehensive flashing would not be possible without robotic and manual welding. Many products that have previously been cut and bent are joined by welding. As we want to meet the expectations of our clients the most precisely, robotic and manual welding is among the services in our offer. Performing the work, we use high quality welders with a wide range of applications.

Robotic and manual welding with using high-quality tools

Our machine park includes TIG, MIG and MAG welding machines, as well as pulsed welding machines. There are also pulsed welders among the devices. In addition, we work using an advanced robot. Welding with “Kuka” robot, which we use, is a guarantee of repeatability of ~ 0.08 mm. Its arm has a range of 2095 mm, and the work with its participation is characterized by high energetic efficiency. Robotic welding provides shorter delivery time and greater accuracy than traditional methods.

Materials to be welded

Robotic welding and manual welding are performed on such materials as stainless steel, carbon and black steel, as well as on aluminum and non-ferrous materials. Depending on material we deal with and the client’s requirements, we choose the necessary device. Both robotic welding and manual welding are conducted by well-trained specialists.

In the MIG method, fusible welding electrodes are in the inert gas shield. This technique is used while connecting stainless steel or black steel elements. The products are ready for further processing. In its turn, the TIG method, where non-inflammable welding electrodes are in inert gas, is used for various metals and alloys. The welds created during this welding type do not require further processing.

  • Maximum reach of the arm: 2000 mm
  • Maximum lifting capacity of the robot: 8 kg
  • Maximum working field load: 600 kg
  • Working table length: L 1600 mm, D 1200 mm

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