Sheet metal bending

Sheet metal bending until recently was associated mostly with heavy industry. However, the latest technological solutions allow to use this method in other branches as well. Modern press brakes allow to obtain high-quality elements, even with the most complex shapes.

Sheet metal bending is used, among others during the production of lighter steel structures, balustrades and handrails, advertisements and even decorative elements. Just like laser cutting guarantees perfect, polished edges, bending sheet metal with the use of a press brake enables precise bending of the chosen material.

Bending services in our company

Depending on the demand, we use devices such as XXX for bending. Due to the used technology and the possibility of various settings, we perform bending of different types of materials. Among the exemplary raw materials that our equipment can operate, there is coated, stainless, galvanized and acid-proof steel as well as aluminum and polycarbonate. Our company aims at the professionalism and high quality of all services provided. For this reason, the machines are always serviced by qualified staff. As a result, the bending is very accurate and careful.

Sheet metal bending with a press brake – what are the advantages?

The principle of press brakes leads to the fact that sheet metal bending is associated with a number of benefits. In addition to the versatile application and the mentioned possibility of bending into advanced shapes, it is essential that production is prompt. Especially when its time equals traditional bending. In addition, we can guarantee the complete repetition of the order. In many cases, due to professional sheet metal bending, you can eliminate the process of welding of individual elements. This leads to significant reduction of the production costs. Such careful plastic processing of metal sheets is often an addition to previously performed laser cutting.

CNC Bending – BYSTRONIC Xpert 150


  • Bending length: 3000 mm
  • Pressure max.: 150 ton
  • Accuracy: 0,004 mm

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