Water cutting

One of the services that we can offer to our clients is water cutting. As the name suggests, a high-pressure water jet is used to cut the material. Machining with this method is economical and fast, and also allows to cut out any shape in various materials.

Most often it concerns the elements made of alloy steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, construction steel, heat-resistant and acid resistant steel. Water cutting is also used for aluminum, copper, brass, stone, ceramic tiles, glass and wooden boards. The wide spectrum of implementing is the best proof that this is a technology that can be successfully used in many branches. Cutting with a jet of water is recommended, among others for manufacturing, construction or furniture companies.

Water cutting – what is it?

The phenomenon of this technology is great pressure of water used. The jet of water is directed to the material using a suitable head. Depending on the thickness and softness of the material, water cutting can be done using only water or with the addition of an abrasive. Due to the speed and digital control, the entire machining process is characterized by high precision. The OMAX 60120 device is used for this operation.

The advantages of technology

One of the most important advantages of water cutting is that it can be implemented to process a great variety of materials, which makes it a universal and effective in various industrial sectors. Especially if we take into account the widest variety of the shapes being cut. The enormous pressure of water makes no risk for water to remain in softer materials. Meanwhile, using water cutting on hard materials, there is no problem with heating the edges, and thus with their distortions. It is also essential that water cutting runs very fast. As no vapours are emitted during the process, this method is also considered ecological.

OMAX 60120

  • Maximum bending length: 3000
  • Maximum pressure force: 125 ton
  • Number of controlled axes: Y1/Y2/X/R/Z1/Z2

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